YoSA students at the 61st LIYSF in 2019

“The experience has shown me that there is nothing I can’t do in life and, through science, I can change the world”


17, from South Africa
“Being a YoSA Ambassador, I have helped encourage several youths from my country to work hard in school and in STEM subjects.”


19, from Kenya
“Before, I was unable to speak in front of people but now I do so with confidence and joy. I presented to a crowd of over 2500 students about my LIYSF experience.”


18, from South Africa
“LIYSF can benefit African science as I believe that all the students that attend the forum are the thinkers of today and will be the driving force behind moving science forward in the future, which Africa greatly needs.”


19, from Zimbabwe
“From the knowledge LIYSF has imparted to me I will educate and improve Africans life through the scientific innovations. Science creates opportunities for people to make the world a better place. 
LIYSF has given me an opportunity to learn more about science and technology and to contribute to its achievements. By incorporating all the ideas and knowledge that LIYSF has given me. I want to find solutions to various problems we are facing today including health and energy conservation.”


18, from Kenya
“I definitely want to take part in revolutionising the way we teach in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to understand science. LIYSF has inspired me to strongly advocate for young scientists to participate in events and activities that build their communication skills as they are a stepping stone to becoming ambassadors of STEM. I am motivated towards unleashing Zimbabwe’s and Africa’s potential. LIYSF taught me that science for the future is not just about having knowledge but it’s about community, collaboration and communication – it’s about sharing ideas and information to solve the world’s problems.”


18, from Zimbabwe
“Now I believe I can proudly say that I am a universal scientist who is capable of solving world problems. Coming from Africa and especially Kenya where most people do not take the STEM path, I can convince a few, if not a multitude that on the other side of science opportunities lie in wait.”


18, from Kenya
“Presenting my robotics project at the Science Bazaar gave me a platform to optimise international opportunities. LIYSF has transformed my life – I have learnt many new ideas that will impact my society. Some people may think Africa is not passionate about science but the good representation of young African scientists at LIYSF reveals that Africa has scientists who are eager and diligent to bring positive change and solutions through science.”


20, from Tanzania
“I gained knowledge in different fields of science which helped me realise that everyone can make a difference in the world; all they have to do is to set their mind to it. More than ever I want to be part of making lives better starting with my community.”


20, from Kenya
“The forum had a huge impact on me, it was a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in various disciplines of science and learn how it can be applied to solve problems and make life better. I would highly recommend other African young scientists to attend LIYSF to gain new insight into many different areas of science, technology and engineering, making a huge difference to our continent.”


22, from Rwanda
“I’m dedicated to using the knowledge I gained from LIYSF to develop innovative scientific ideas and educate and improve the lives of people here in Africa.”


17, from Zimbabwe