2022 YoSA students at 63rd LIYSF

2019 YoSA students at 61st LIYSF

“The Science Bazaar was extraordinary. It complimented this year’s theme ‘Science for Unity’ because it gathered brilliant young minds from eighty-four different countries who had projects that were focused on solving some of the world’s most notorious problems.”


Sponsored in 2023, from Zimbabwe
“I enjoyed conversing and forming networks with well accomplished people who were well-versed when it came to offering socio-economic advice as a person of colour stepping into the global ranks, scientific advice in my future endeavors, and even how to take advantage of every last drop of the resources available to me.”


Sponsored in 2023, from Kenya
“I have now made long-term friendships with many people from around the world which is a great opportunity for the future where one day we will meet again and share many ideas that could prove to be life-changing because we are the scientists and leaders of tomorrow.”


Sponsored in 2023, from Kenya
“LIYSF event may be over but the motivation with it goes beyond. With the inspiration, I have become a mentor to young individuals with a keen interest in science. I have since taken part in mentorship programme within the my home university and influenced students to join Science competitions in Kenya.”


Sponsored in 2023, from Kenya
“The London International Youth Science Forum was the best thing that ever happened to me. Building relationships with other students from all over the world and learning about their cultures, traditions and learning systems of their countries was the best thing in this Forum and this really supported this year’s LIYSF theme, “SCIENCE FOR UNITY”. The best part is that I have now discovered my career path and I am willing to work hard for it.”


Sponsored in 2023, from South Africa
“My experience at LIYSF was amazing, it has helped me learn a lot, exposed me to a range of different scientific opportunities and different careers in science, broadened my knowledge of Science and STEM as a whole, and encouraged and motivated me to be a better and brighter version of myself, and to be a Scientist who will one day make a difference in the world. It has exposed me to people of different cultures and helped me make new lifelong friends from all around the world, and at the same time, it has given me a platform to share and exchange my knowledge, ideas and opinions about science which has greatly boosted my confidence and self-esteem.”


Sponsored in 2023, from South Africa
“In conclusion I would say that the London International Youth Science Forum was the best online event I have ever been part of. It was evident that there is an impact that science has and is having in the whole world, and that this science train is being pushed by students from all across the world which is very encouraging to me.”


Sponsored in 2023, from Kenya
“I enjoyed every moment of it, made a lot of connections in the fraternity, great friends from different parts of the world and reminded myself of the potential I know I have. I met very influential students, lecturers, professors, and practitioners who opened my eyes to the world of science on a very personal level”


Sponsored in 2022, from South Africa
The lecturers’ passion and enthusiasm for their different subjects inspired me to continue on my quest helping poor communities in my country with science. I am more confident and determined to apply what I have learnt from them and many others on doing what I love


Sponsored in 2022, from South Africa
I felt like an Insider in the scientific world– privy to the thoughts of well renowned scientists and the passion with which every speaker talked about their research ignited something in me. A flame that I hope will show when my turn comes to get up on that stage and speak about work of my own


Sponsored in 2022, from Kenya
These have been the best two weeks of my life. They were full of love, fun and knowledge. I had made friends from different parts of the world including, Tanzania, my neighboring country. I believe that these friendship bonds formed will last a lifetime and serve as a stepping stone in making the world a better place.”


Sponsored in 2022, from Kenya
“The two weeks were of so much benefit to me including forming long lasting connections with other scientists from all over the world and sharing our ideas with them besides forming friendship bonds, interacting with world’s best scientists who gave us powerful lectures and visiting world’s biggest ,modern scientific institutions”


Sponsored in 2022, from Kenya
I learnt many things about cultures from different students and shared many ideas about our career goals and how to make STEM education more useful in our society


Sponsored in 2022, from Tanzania
As a YoSA student I was able to show that that Africa has scientists who are eager and diligent to bring positive changes and solutions through science.”


Sponsored in 2022, from Tanzania
This forum made me understand fully that with science you can create solutions that will benefit your loved ones and the society as a whole. This was a perfect representation of this year’s forum theme ‘Science for Society’. To me this forum was like a handbook, a manual that had the information I was looking for a long time: it was a ‘yes you can’ book.”


Sponsored in 2022, from Zimbabwe
“The experience has shown me that there is nothing I can’t do in life and, through science, I can change the world”


Sponsored in 2019, from South Africa
“Being a YoSA Ambassador, I have helped encourage several youths from my country to work hard in school and in STEM subjects.”


Sponsored in 2019, from Kenya
“Before, I was unable to speak in front of people but now I do so with confidence and joy. I presented to a crowd of over 2500 students about my LIYSF experience.”


Sponsored in 2019, from South Africa
“LIYSF can benefit African science as I believe that all the students that attend the forum are the thinkers of today and will be the driving force behind moving science forward in the future, which Africa greatly needs.”


Sponsored in 2019, from Zimbabwe
“From the knowledge LIYSF has imparted to me I will educate and improve Africans life through the scientific innovations. Science creates opportunities for people to make the world a better place. 
LIYSF has given me an opportunity to learn more about science and technology and to contribute to its achievements. By incorporating all the ideas and knowledge that LIYSF has given me. I want to find solutions to various problems we are facing today including health and energy conservation.”


Sponsored in 2019, from Kenya
“I definitely want to take part in revolutionising the way we teach in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to understand science. LIYSF has inspired me to strongly advocate for young scientists to participate in events and activities that build their communication skills as they are a stepping stone to becoming ambassadors of STEM. I am motivated towards unleashing Zimbabwe’s and Africa’s potential. LIYSF taught me that science for the future is not just about having knowledge but it’s about community, collaboration and communication – it’s about sharing ideas and information to solve the world’s problems.”


Sponsored in 2019, from Zimbabwe
“Now I believe I can proudly say that I am a universal scientist who is capable of solving world problems. Coming from Africa and especially Kenya where most people do not take the STEM path, I can convince a few, if not a multitude that on the other side of science opportunities lie in wait.”


Sponsored in 2019, from Kenya
“Presenting my robotics project at the Science Bazaar gave me a platform to optimise international opportunities. LIYSF has transformed my life – I have learnt many new ideas that will impact my society. Some people may think Africa is not passionate about science but the good representation of young African scientists at LIYSF reveals that Africa has scientists who are eager and diligent to bring positive change and solutions through science.”


Sponsored in 2019, from Tanzania
“I gained knowledge in different fields of science which helped me realise that everyone can make a difference in the world; all they have to do is to set their mind to it. More than ever I want to be part of making lives better starting with my community.”


Sponsored in 2017, from Kenya
“The forum had a huge impact on me, it was a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in various disciplines of science and learn how it can be applied to solve problems and make life better. I would highly recommend other African young scientists to attend LIYSF to gain new insight into many different areas of science, technology and engineering, making a huge difference to our continent.”


Sponsored in 2017, from Rwanda
“I’m dedicated to using the knowledge I gained from LIYSF to develop innovative scientific ideas and educate and improve the lives of people here in Africa.”


Sponsored in 2017, from Zimbabwe