YoSA Nomination Process

Clare Elwell Scholarship

Criteria for a Nominated Student

• Student to be pre-University or early-University – The nominated student will be planning to attend University, or have recently started at University when they attend LIYSF, and will be aged 16 years old and over.

• Student to have a keen interest in science – The identified student should clearly demonstrate that they are passionate about science.

• No other means of financial support – It is key that the identified student should not otherwise have access to similar opportunities.

• A good level of spoken and written English – The student will be required to fully participate in the Forum and be an African Ambassador amongst representatives from over 70 other nations.


Expectations of a Nominated Student

The student to commit to sharing their experience within their local community – by becoming a Young African Science Ambassador after their attendance, comprising three elements;

• Writing a directed report following attendance;

• Making presentations in the local community about their experience; and,

• Committing to join the YoSA alumni community for, at least, five years to continue to promote excellence in African Science, mentor students to attend LIYSF in future years and support further networking opportunities.

Role of Local Facilitator

Nominations for the scholarship must be made by a Local Facilitator from the home country in which the student resides and studies. The Local Facilitator needs to be recognised and accepted for the role by YoSA.  The role of the Local Facilitator will be to provide evidence of the selection process of appropriate students and to coordinate the arrangements necessary to support the student in preparing to attend LIYSF. Importantly, this includes supporting the student in obtaining appropriate travel documentation, including a visa if required, getting to and from their nearest international airport, and ensuring that a student has appropriate clothing for their stay in London.


The Nomination Process

The Local Facilitator is required to coordinate the completion of the Scholarship Nomination Forms, which includes a requirement for a personal statement to be written by the student and a reference to be provided by their Head Teacher.

Successful students will be notified, along with their Head Teacher and Local Facilitator. LIYSF will then be instructed to establish a direct relationship with the student and provide the student with all relevant admission details and arrangements for the Forum; as part of this relationship the student will be subject to the normal terms and conditions for LIYSF attendees.

YoSA will make payments on behalf of the student directly with LIYSF and their nominated travel agent in accordance with the terms of the scholarship.